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I'll be perfectly frank here. I have never owned one. Mainly because they are overpriced (IMO), and to me, they just seem unnecessary. Don't get me wrong, I do understand the idea of safety for babies and tots. I am not trying to bash those who are using them, or believe in them for whatever the reason may be. That is your decision, and yours only to make. You made that decision based on your concern for your child. Immarite? Fair enough. That is something to be praised about: Your parental concern for your child's safety and well-being. <3

But here is why I just never bothered purchasing one: They prevented my children from learning and developing their ways of going up and down the stairs.. And you would think that I would have gotten one considering that I have always lived in places where there were staircases. Not that it didn't occur to us, but from going to one store to another, it just seemed like this gadget was just not for us. And then we thought that it wouldn't be a huge deal if we didn't get one. Even the steepest stairs were not a concern. I just figured my children were to find a way to go down and back up those stairs. And they did. With obvious supervision. I never left them alone to figure it out on their own, (okay, maybe a few times, just to see how they would do), I guided them, pointed out how to hang on, or where to place their hands and feet, and up and down they went.

Now it could be from pure luck, or they knew how; but they never fell, or hurt themselves from stairs. (When first learning how to)

Don't take my word for it, it is something that can be experienced differently. Like I said, I never bought baby gates mainly because we could not afford it, and it seem like one of those baby necessities that weren't a necessity.
And to this day (8yro and nearly 2 yro children), I am glad I didn't purchase a baby gate.


Aug. 16th, 2013 08:46 am (UTC)
I've never used mine for the stairs for the same reason, and none of my kids have been seriously hurt on stairs. They've all had a few small tumbles, but nothing more than a slip on a few steps or something... and only generally when they're much older and are borking around being crazypants.
I do use it in the kitchen because it's super dangerous and my baby is unreasonably smart when it comes to getting shit in the kitchen. O_o She's now broken 6 child drawer locks, a door lock, a fridge lock, and 2 different types of cabinet locks. The baby gate is - thus far - the only thing that keeps her safe when I'm cooking or need down time on the couch!

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