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I forgive you

I forgive you.

For not being there for me.
I forgive you, for not giving me another chance to make things better.
I forgive you, for letting me go, and moving on with our lives.
I forgive you, for attempting to take away the most important thing in my life.
I forgive you, for telling lies behind my back to pat yourself on the back.
I forgive you, for lying through out your life, to your own flesh and blood, to the superiors, to the ones you love, to me, to my face, to your child's face.
I forgive you, for making up fake stories of events in my life that were never true.
I forgive you, for not finding the truth, and for hearing gossips from other mouths.
I forgive you, for trying to make things better and end up making them worse for all of us.
I forgive you, for continuing to try and hurt me, in any malicious ways you can think of.
Try harder.
I forgive you, for giving me grief.
For giving me so many nights of  sorrows, for giving me mornings of waking up to puffy eyes.
For making me wish I were never born.
For making my life a living hell.
For making me think that I could not bare with it anymore.
For never being there to comfort me, when I needed you the most.
I forgive you. For who you are. For what you are.
It is all I can do.
Written by: Claudia Encina
August 28th, 2013
Tags: blog, forgive, poem, writing
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