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Frozen Yogurt Pops (or in our case: bites on a stick!)

It's almost time for back to school! And this mama was prepping.

After our last minute back to school shopping (which I prefer since there are far less people in stores, and usually items are on sale), it was time to make and bake lunch snacks for my soon to be 3rd grader (where has the time gone??!!)

So, for this week, I made banana bread and frozen berry yogurt pop bites.

Now this was my first time making it from scratch. And as I read the recipe, it's as easy as said.
I had a tub of vanilla yogurt, fresh berries that I had frozen, and honey. Mix it all together and you get this gorgeous rich creamy violet colour substance. Of which my 8yro called it: "Purple soup".

yogurt mixing check

I didn't blend the berries. I just mashed them by hand. I wanted to keep some berry chunks for texture and more flavourful in each bite.

Then, I poured the mix in a large measuring cup. Mainly, to make it easier for pouring into the molds.
I used two mini muffin tins, and two silicone molds (tins are for home treats and molds are for school). [Both thrift store find]

I like the silicone molds. They make it easier to pop those suckers out!

For the tins, (and I saw this on Pinterest), I placed seran wrap over them, and with a thumb tack, I poked holes. Enough holes to make the popsicle stick poke into the mix.

thumb tack

Let it set in freezer for about an hour or two.
And voila!
naima eating yogurt popa+
Child approved. A+ for me!

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