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Our DIY Batman bicycle #diy #batman #bicycle

 My daughter had a bike rally in her school last week. The school's theme was "Super Hero" and her choice was Batman... well actually, it was Batgirl, because, and I quote:

"Mom, it's Batgirl! I am a woman, remember?!?" - Nunu'ism of the day. I tried so hard not to laugh because her facial expression was in absolute serious mode. I just nodded and said: "Of course".

Unfortunately for this exciting event, being the busy bee that I am, and the forgetful little girl that she is, we realized it was happening the day after she had informed me that she wanted a Batman..sorry, Bat bike for school. And by day before, I mean 16 hours from then. Yeah. I know! Luckily at the time she told me so, we were already at the mall, and figured I needed to get craft items quickly and cheapest possible. So we ran to the Dollar Store, put our head and a half together, and decided to look for things that we could use. At the same time, think of the other crafts we have at home. My goal was to make this as less expensive as possible while her goal was to make it as awesome as possible. Of course, in this case, her priority outweighed mine.

Another luck point, prom/grad season. Which meant, classic black and white part supplies were in stock. We immediately ran into the party supplies isle looking for anything BLACK.

Our first thought, how to make a FUCHSIA PINK bike, look epically awesome in BLACK.

Supercycle "Cream Soda" bike she got for her 8th birthday.

The epically awesome Bat Bike

I grabbed what I thought *could* work:

  • Serving plates (4 of them, 2 for each tire, as they will go on either sides of each tire).

  • Table cover. (I figured it would be used as a bandage that will cover the bike's frame).

  • Felt fabric. (for the bike seat, as it is WHITE with pink accents, and for flames [<- explained further below]).

  • Printed Batman symbol. (we went with old school Batman, because really, what is more awesome than old school Batman?) batman_symbol_magnet_2

  • Cardboard (thank you neighbors!)

  • 2 plastic 2L bottles (thank you neighbors!)

  • Aluminum cookie sheet

  • Zip straps/ cable ties (a lot of them)

  • Paint

*Note: most of these items were in BLACK.* - I know there were many different Batman(s) of different colours, but we went, like I said, old school. (except no grey)


 First thing's first: Nunu made a draft of what she had in mind for her Bat Bike:

With the table cover, I cut them into 5"-6" strips, and used them as bandages to cover every inch of the pink bike. I made the mistake (don't do it too!) of using hot glue to stick on the bike frame. I should have used electrical BLACK tape... (Thank you Lindsay Wilson for that). Now I know for a 'next time'. Or you can also use. Elasti-wrap cohesive bandage, which would have been a lot easier...Okay, I'll stop grumbling. But in my defense we had little time to do this all.

Felt fabric was used to cover her seat.

The serving plates. I drilled a hole in the middle of the platter: plate Hole drilled in the center tray, width of hole was roughly same size as the tire screws (1 1/2" in diameter). Placed the plate onto the screw, along with other holes made around it, that would align with the bike's frame, cable ties were used to tighten and secure the plates in place.
Cardboard was used to create the "Bat Fin" on the back of the bike frame. Cut out shape, and painted. Also, because she had a tire guard, I used the side flaps of the cardboard as the base of the fin to stabilize it.

For the "turbo fueling rockets", as my 8 year old would put it, we used two 2L bottles. I got the inspiration from Natalie, another mama over at Doodle Craft. She made jet packs out of the bottles and that gave us the idea to attach them with cable ties to the wheels.
Check out her blog post about how to make these awesome jet packs!

The cookie sheet was painted after it was molded into this triangular 3D shape that was used to be tied, like a basket, on the handle bar of the bicycle. And added a cutout print of the Batman symbol.
Then, the helmet! Don't worry, it wasn't altered aside from painting it black and adding felted ears to it. So don't get your panties in a her bike was only ridden in the school yard. So relax!

She was the coolest kid in school. It brought all the kids to the yard. And she was so happy.




And of course, the tyke had a need of me taking his photo as well. We got his run/balance bike last week, and at first he was not interested in the slightest. Glad to see that he is slowing getting the courage to ride it on his own.

It was a successful day!

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